Seats and backrests of student’s chair are mostly made of birch plywood. Considering the frequent use of school chairs, it is important to have seats with durable surface finish that lasts for years. What options are available?


Curved seat detail is made of birch plywood and finished with varnish. Plywood product are generally very beautiful when new. However, as time goes by, the natural wood surface darkens. Natural veneer feels friendly and warm to the skin. Unfortunately, studs on clothing or keys in the back pocket may damage the varnished veneer, resulting in scratched and ugly seat surface.


Laminate is a strong surface material used to cover plywood details during the moulding process. Laminate is available in a wide selection of patterns and shades. The most common option for school furniture is birch pattern laminate, which makes it difficult to distinguish between a varnished birch plywood seat and a seat with birch pattern laminate. However, major differences become clearly visible after using the seats for 2-3 years. Varnished seat usually darkens and shows scratched and damaged surface. Laminated chair looks as light as a new chair and has no scratches or damage.

IN CONCLUSION, we recommend using laminated seats and backrests for chairs in frequent use.