Producer of plywood chairs, tables and form-pressed components

The company was established in 1991.

The basic row material we use is birch veneer. We produce birch plywood by ourselves. In some models we use also other woods like beech, pine tree or oak.

Mainly we produce wooden chairs. We can provide them in various finishing, with or without upholstering, with laminate surface, with different accessory – for example trolleys for elderly chairs or row connection for conference chairs.

We have wide range of children’s chairs, as well as conference chairs or school chairs and tables.

Chairs are developed to be used in public interiors, so the construction should survive a long-lasting use. Almost all chairs are stackable. That will help to spare transport cost.

At the moment we have 37 employees. 2300 square meters of production area.

Annually we produce about 35000 chairs and more than 100 000 components.